SchoolBoy Q “Habit & Contradictions” Review

“Whats 50 grand to a muthafucka like me? Can you please remind me?……You cant be serious….Shit I’ll remind him! Steel behind him, put 5 inside ya!!”

And that line right there is the mixtape in a nutshell. “Habits and Contradictions” is a no holds barred body of music that slaps you in the back of the head fornot paying attention to it. Before this mixtape I didnt know who Schoolboy Q was. I just thought he was one of ASAP Rocky’s homeboys that killed him on his own track (See ‘Brand New Guy’). But after many recommendations from friends and colleges I decided to check this guy out. “Sacrilegious” is a dope way to set everything off, Q is rapping in a somber tone while describing his troubles and his relationship with GOD. Another dope record that stuck out to me is “There He Go” [Produced by Sounwave]. It has that same braggadocio theme as every other rap song but Q’s schizophrenic delivery and high pitched “There he go!” adlibs make this song doper than usual! I caught myself giving this record the “Waka Flocka treatment” which is an odd combination of fist pumping-crotch grabbing and imaginary dread shaking to the max. “Sexting” is another crazy record. When I first heard the name I figured it’d be a Drake-esque song that was about romantic love making thru BBM messages… (-___-)…..BUT NAWL!! THIS SHIT CRAY!! (cliche over-used rap slogan) I will definitely be using some of these lyrics in my every day bitch-snatching life, especially “I could tell you never met a G, now get your pretty ass in my car and dont get your pussy on my seats!!”  The rest of the mixtape pretty much slows down after that and falls into almost a slow melodic vibe after that, it picks back up after about four songs. My favorite song on this piece of work has got to be “Blessed” and I think it has to do with the cool yet honest hook and the verse that a sore throat Kendrick delivered. Q spit a passionate first verse and a heart felt second verse, that ALONE would of been good enough for me but then Kendrick comes in like Lin for the Knicks and steals the fucking show. Overall, the album is dope! I would actually bump this in my ride, shit….this shit is so dope that I would actually put a bad bitch onto this nigga’s music. Solid project. Real solid project, if you haven’t then go check it out! IT’S ON ITUNES!!

FKi x Flux Pavilion – I Cant Stop

Not letting any momentum go to waste, ATL-bred, 1/3 of  Differenter Gang, rapping/producing extraordinaires; FKi (responsible for Travis Porter‘s, “Make it Rain” and “Bring it Back”), drop visuals for their loyal fans and hating-ass critics as an appetizer while they prepare to bridge musical gaps, drop jaws with their “hip hop/dubstep hybrid” mixtape,  “Fuckin Kickin It Vol 1”, no release date as of yet.