Kendrick Lamar Interview, Performance at SOB’s

“I’m making music that represents my generation, their struggle,” Kendrick Lamar told’s The Juice before hitting the stage in NYC on Wednesday (Aug. 31).

Lamar’s refreshing style of storytelling has an uncanny way of connecting with his fans. This was evident when the majority of the 21 songs in Lamar’s set were taken over by his fans in a bonafide rap-a-long.

Amongst the 400-plus at SOBs were industry insiders, including writers from MTV, Village Voice and VIBE, as well as blogger, LowKey, and music executive, Kevin Liles. Radio personality Angela Yee hosted.

Lamar had everyone’s arms in the air from the start of his set (“The Heart Pt. 2”) to its closing (“HiiiPower”), sharing childhood stories of the two most influential people in his life, his parents. “My father gave me the balance I needed. I put that same balance in my music,” Lamar told The Juice. “[It’s] the balance of knowing the gang culture from my cousins, uncles, and pops. And at the same time, my mother and father gave me the idea of being a dreamer. They taught me the world is bigger than Compton and to go out and explore it. That made me an individual. I actually know who I am, where I come from, and what I got to do to represent and connect people.”


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