Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud – Noisey Meets (Video)

Noisey caught up with Harlem heavy-hitter Smoke DZA hanging out on his old stomping ground of 119th St to discuss the forgotten tradition of playground battling, the family roots of his famous ‘Riiigghhhtttt’ catchphrase, weed and hoops. Later on, ‘The Kushed God‘ took us to Community 54 on the LES to shop and smoke up with producing wunderkind and his ‘Rugby Thompson‘ partner in crime, Harry Fraud to break down the importance of studio snacks and the synergy they share when their working on a track.

[MIXTAPE] Smoke Dza – Cuz I Felt Like It EP


Jet Lifer and Halrem native Smoke Dza, drops a 13 track EP like the title says, cause he felt like it.

I was on Nah Right on saturday scrolling thru being a fan, trying to see what’s going on in the music world. Young Roddy dropped a tape on sunday and i got inspired and felt like rappin. So i called my engineer mat cody up and told him to come to the trap. I rapped over some of my friends beats plus a few other tunes i thought was cool, hit 2 of my homies from harlem, and put it out for free cuz i felt like it #Rrrright

—- DZA

DOWNLOAD: Smoke DzaCuz I Felt Like It (EP)

TORRENT DOWNLOAD: Smoke DzaCuz I Felt Like It (EP)

Smoke DZA x A$AP Rocky – 4 Loko

Smoke DZA gives Harlem’s hottest new comer since Max Biggavel; A$AP Rocky, his biggest feature yet, from DZA’s “Rolling Stoned” LP, Rocky is undeniably building up a buzz amongst his rap peers, as there are rumors circling around of an unreleased Waka Flocka Flame feature. LIVE-LOVE-A$AP to be released later this month, stay tuned!